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PyGridspot 0.0.2

Client for the Gridspot computing service.


PyGridspot is a simple python client for the Gridspot API ( It is
intended to make managing gridspot vms easier. Typical usage looks like:

import os
from pygridspot import *

g = Gridspot(api_key='<your api="" key="">',\

il = g.get_instances()

for instance in
g.bootstrap(os.path.expanduser('~/.ssh/id_rsa'), instance, '/tmp/')

The above code when executed results in:

aelaguiz$ python
[Instance inst_<instance_id> = Running]
[] put: /tmp/ -> /tmp/
[] sudo: chmod +x /tmp/ && /tmp/ && exit
[] out: Ign oneiric-security InRelease
[] out: Ign oneiric InRelease
[] out: Ign oneiric-updates InRelease

The key improvement over a simple REST client is the support for automatic bootstrapping
of the new VMs using the Fabric SSH API to push a setup script and run it on any new VMs.


Fabric >= 1.4.3
httplib2 >= 0.7.4


Fork, submit pull request.


v0.0.2, 7/16/2012 -- Brought code up to pep8 standards, added support for stop_instance.

v0.0.1, 7/12/2012 -- Fixed missing readme in sdist package. Initial release.

v0.0.1dev, 7/12/2012 -- Initial upload.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
PyGridspot-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-16 8KB