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PyLaTeX 0.5

A Python library for creating LaTeX files

Latest Version: 1.2.1

PyLaTeX is a Python library for creating LaTeX files. The goal of this library is being an easy, but extensible interface between Python and LaTeX.


The library contains some basic features I have had the need for so far. Currently those are:

  • Document generation and compilation
  • Section, table, math and package classes
  • A matrix class that can compile NumPy ndarrays and matrices to LaTeX
  • An escape function
  • Bold and italic functions
  • Every class has a dump method, which writes the output to a filepointer

Everything else you want you can still add to the document by adding LaTeX formatted strings instead of classes or regular strings.


  • Python 3.x or Python 2.7
  • pdflatex (only if you want to compile the tex file)
  • NumPy (only if you want to convert it’s matrixes)
  • ordered-set


pip install pylatex


import numpy as np

from pylatex import Document, Section, Subsection, Table, Math, TikZ, Axis,         Plot
from pylatex.numpy import Matrix
from pylatex.utils import italic

doc = Document()
section = Section('Yaay the first section, it can even be ' + italic('italic'))

section.append('Some regular text')

math = Subsection('Math that is incorrect', data=[Math(data=['2*3', '=', 9])])

table = Table('rc|cl')
table.add_row((1, 2, 3, 4))
table.add_hline(1, 2)
table.add_row((4, 5, 6, 7))

table = Subsection('Table of something', data=[table])


a = np.array([[100, 10, 20]]).T
M = np.matrix([[2, 3, 4],
               [0, 0, 1],
               [0, 0, 2]])

math = Math(data=[Matrix(M), Matrix(a), '=', Matrix(M*a)])
equation = Subsection('Matrix equation', data=[math])


tikz = TikZ()

axis = Axis(options='height=6cm, width=6cm, grid=major')

plot1 = Plot(name='model', func='-x^5 - 242')
coordinates = [
    (-4.77778, 2027.60977),
    (-3.55556, 347.84069),
    (-2.33333, 22.58953),
    (-1.11111, -493.50066),
    (0.11111, 46.66082),
    (1.33333, -205.56286),
    (2.55556, -341.40638),
    (3.77778, -1169.24780),
    (5.00000, -3269.56775),

plot2 = Plot(name='estimate', coordinates=coordinates)



plot_section = Subsection('Random graph', data=[tikz])




This code will generate this:

Future development

I will keep adding functionality I need to this library, an interface for graphics and math will probably be added in a future version.

If you add a feature yourself, or fix a bug, please send a pull request.

You can submit issues, but it will not be my priority to fix them. My job and education are a bit higher on the priority list.


This library is being developed in and for Python 3. Because of a conversion script the current version also works in Python 2.7. For futere versions, no such promise will be made. Uncompatible Python 3 features will not be headed to keep supporting Python 2.7.

The platform this library is developed for is Linux. I have no intention to write fixes or test for platform specific bugs. Pull requests that fix those are always welcome though.

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