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PyLogWatch 0.1.9-alpha2

Python utility to parse log files and send them to a Sentry server.

Log file parser, which sends the contents of log files to a centralized Sentry server. Meant for periodic execution via cron.

So far the config format is quite simple. It currently looks like this:


# List of files to monitor and their associated formatters
'/var/log/syslog': ('formatters.base.SysLogDateFormatter',

'/var/log/auth.log': ('formatters.base.SysLogDateFormatter',

'/var/log/apache/error.log': ('formatters.web.ApacheErrorLogFormatter',),


PyLogWatch will automaticall create a SQLite database in the folder where the Config File resides.

To start pylogwatch simply use the '-c' switch to indicate the path to the configuration file: -c /path/to/

Keep in mind that PyLogWatch uses a regular Python file as a configuration. This means that giving write access
to the config file is equivalent to giving execuion privileges for custom Python code. Keep your configuration files
adequately protected  
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PyLogWatch-0.1.9-alpha2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-20 18KB
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