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PyLucid is an open-source web content management system (CMS) using django.

Latest Version: 3.1.1

about PyLucid

PyLucid is an Open Source web content management system written in Python using Django, jQuery and many more external software…

Some PyLucid Features are:


(Please read the complete installation instructions.)

To create a PyLucid virtual environment, use our bootstrap script:

/home/FooBar$ wget
/home/FooBar$ python PyLucid_env

create a new page instance:

/home/FooBar$ cd PyLucid_env
/home/FooBar/PyLucid_env$ ./ /var/www/YourSite

After run our script you have these files/directory:

/var/www/YourSite/media/ Static media files
/var/www/YourSite/index.fcgi fastCGI dispatcher file
/var/www/YourSite/index.wsgi mod_WSGI dispatcher file
/var/www/YourSite/index.cgi CGI handler, should only used for debugging
/var/www/YourSite/ your own settings
/var/www/YourSite/ Access to django cli management
/var/www/YourSite/.htaccess prepared to use fast_CGI, mod_WSGI, CGI via mod_rewrite

create database tables and insert initial data:

/home/FooBar/PyLucid_env$ cd /var/www/YourSite
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ syncdb
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ migrate
/var/www/YourSite$ ./ loaddata pylucid.json

Now you can start the local developer server with:

/var/www/YourSite$ ./ runserver

Or use these files for apache with fastCGI:

  • /var/www/YourSite/index.fcgi
  • /var/www/YourSite/.htaccess

To complete the installation follow the steps in setup PyLucid after installation.

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