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PyPubSub 3.3.0

Python Publish-Subscribe Package

Latest Version: 4.0.0

PyPubSub provides a publish - subscribe API that facilitates the development of event-based (also known as message-based) applications. PyPubSub supports sending and receiving messages between objects of an application, as well as a variety of advanced features that facilitate debugging and maintaining topics and messages in larger applications.

Install with “pip install pypubsub” or “easy_install pypubsub”.

Latest stable version, 3.3.0:

Release candidate version, 3.4:

  • Not yet available

Note: All downloads are hosted on SourceForge. See the Files pages on for additional downloads, older releases, and download stats (the ones on PyPi page are specific to PyPi).

See the release notes for additional information on this and other releases.

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