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PyRx 0.3.0

Rx schema and validation system


[![Build Status](](

Python implementation of the [Rx schema and validation system](


Forked from the main [rx github repo]( Nov 25 '13
because the python implementation deserves its own place and testing and stuff.

The copyright line of the license for the rx repository reads:

    The contents of the Rx repository are copyright (C) 2008, Ricardo SIGNES.

The license itself is GPL2:


* No external dependencies
* Python2.7 (python3 support coming soon)


$ pip install pyrx


import pyrx

rx = pyrx.Factory({"register_core_types": True})

schema_src = {
  "type": "//rec",
  "required": {
    "a": "//str",
    "b": "//int",
  "optional": {
    "c": "//bool",

schema = rx.make_schema(schema_src)

schema.check({"a": "a string", "b": 2})  # returns True
schema.check({"a": "a string", "b": "another string"})  # returns False



I didn't bring the tests over from the rx repo. They used `TAP` or something
I'm not familiar with. The tests included here just run through a couple
trivial cases to make sure it doesn't straight-up crash.

Road Map

* [x] Porting tests from the original RX repo (but using unittest)
* [x] Port to python3
* [x] Improve error messages on invalid schema tests
* [ ] Improve documentation
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