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PySAL 1.14.3

A library of spatial analysis functions.

Package Documentation

Python Spatial Analysis Library

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PySAL_ is an open source cross-platform library of spatial analysis functions
written in Python. It is intended to support the development of high level
applications for spatial analysis.

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:alt: LISA Maps of US County Homicide Rates

*Above: Local Indicators of Spatial Association for Homicide Rates in US
Counties 1990.*

PySAL modules

* Computational geometry
* pysal.contrib Contributed modules
* pysal.core Core data structures and IO
* pysal.esda Exploratory spatial data analysis
* pysal.examples Data sets
* pysal.inequality Spatial inequality analysis
* Spatial analysis on networks
* pysal.region Spatially constrained clustering
* pysal.spatial_dynamics Spatial dynamics
* pysal.spreg Spatial econometrics and diagnostics
* pysal.weights Spatial weights


PySAL can be installed using pip:

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install pysal

PySAL is also available through
`Anaconda <https:"" downloads="">`__ and `Enthought Canopy <https:"" products="" canopy=""/>`__.


For help on using PySAL, check out the following resources:

* `User Guide <http:"" en="" latest="" users="" index.html="">`_
* `Tutorials and Short Courses <https:"" pysal="" notebooks="" blob="" master="""">`_
* `Notebooks <https:"" pysal="" notebooks="">`_
* `User List <http:"" group="" openspace-list="">`_


PySAL development is hosted on github_.

.. _github :

Discussions of development occurs on the
`developer list <http:"" group="" pysal-dev="">`_
as well as gitter_.

.. _gitter :

Getting Involved

If you are interested in contributing to PySAL please see our
`development guidelines <http:"" en="" latest="" developers="" index.html="">`_.

Bug reports
To search for or report bugs, please see PySAL's issues_.

.. _issues :

License information

See the file "LICENSE.txt" for information on the history of this
software, terms & conditions for usage, and a DISCLAIMER OF ALL
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