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PyVXI11 1.12a19

A Cython based Python module to control devices over VXI11 protocol.


cVXI11.pyx, cVXI11.pxd, VXI11.i and is written by Noboru Yamamoto, KEK, JAPAN.(C) 2009-2013 Noboru Yamamoto

This is a software to control devices using VXI11 protocol form Python. This software based on Cython. There seems exsists softwares with same name in the net.
If you are looking for the pure-python implementation, please visit python-vxi11 page in PyPI.

1. Files

This package contains :

and some helper files.

2. How to build
You must have rpcgen command, Cython, and python running on your system.
(If you also wants to build old and related library, you need swig).

The following sequence of commands will build and install VXI11 module in your python

%python build
%python install


%sudo python install

Before start building, pleas make sure thata there is none of, VXI11_wrap.c, cVXI11.cpp, cVXI11.h, VXI11.h,VXI11_clnt.c,VXI11_svc.c and VXI11_xdr.c. These files should be generated using the tools mentioned above, ie rpcge, cython ,swig and are platform dependent.
In other words, these files created on other platforms may not work on your platform.

3. binary tools

run "make all" to create vxi11scan and vxi11_device_clear. nor pyvxi11scan.pyx are not support on this version.

4. note
2014.4.1 : SRQ support still is not complete. Sometime it crashes. Please use it at your own risk.
2014.4.2 : SQR handler on MacOSX respend to SRQ. However, on Linux, it does not get event.
2014.4.4 : Ubuntu installation may not incude /usr/sbin/rpcinfo command. You need to install it from the package manager.
2014.4.6 : compilation error. You may have warnings during compilation. It does not affects the operation of the software.
2016.10.21: add a destroy_link() method to the Vxi11Device class.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
PyVXI11-1.12a19.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-10-21 53KB