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PyVantagePro 0.3.1

Communication tools for the Davis VantagePro2 devices

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.3.2

PyVantagePro is a python project which aims to make the communication with weather stations Davis VantagePro2 easier and funnier…i.e. more Pythonic.

The main feature of this project is to get data automatically. In order to do so, it uses the basic methods get_archives() (to get archive data) and get_current_data() (to get real-time data).

About configuration, it only uses gettime() and settime() because we are assuming that stations are already configured.

Note: PyVantagePro uses the PyLink lib, offers a universal communication interface with File-Like API.


>>> from pyvantagepro import VantagePro2
>>> device = VantagePro2.from_url('tcp:host-ip:port')
>>> device.gettime()
2012-06-13 16:44:56
>>> data = device.get_current_data()
>>> data['TempIn']
>>> data.raw
4C 4F 4F ... 0D E6 3B
>>> data.filter(('TempIn', 'TempOut', 'SunRise', 'SunSet')).to_csv()


  • Collecting real-time data as a python dictionary
  • Collecting archives as a list of dictionaries
  • Collecting data in a CSV file
  • Updating station time
  • Getting some information about the station, such as date and firmware version.
  • Various types of connections are supported
  • Comes with a command-line script
  • Compatible with Python 2.6+ and 3.x


You can install, upgrade, uninstall PyVantagePro with these commands:

$ pip install pyvantagepro
$ pip install --upgrade pyvantagepro
$ pip uninstall pyvantagepro

Or if you don’t have pip:

$ easy_install pyvantagepro


See documentation here:


Version 0.3.1

Released on 2012-06-28.

  • remove duplicate records
  • sort records by Datetime field

Version 0.3

Released on 2012-06-26.

  • Use ordereddict to order data fields (Datetime field first)
  • Fix a bug related to timeout
  • Set timeout to 10 sec by default

Version 0.2

Released on 2012-06-20.

  • Remove blist from requirements
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.1

Released on 2012-06-14.

  • First properly tagged release.
  • Support VantagePro2 revB only.
  • Parsing binary data into dict and list of dict.
  • Command-line script.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
PyVantagePro-0.3.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-06-28 65KB