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Pyfig 0.1

Module for manipulating windows/figures interactively

Module PYFIG

Module for manipulating windows/figures created using pylab or enthought.mayavi.mlab on the windows platform.

Figure manipulation involves maximization, minimization, hiding, closing, stacking or tiling.

This module assumes that the figures are uniquely numbered in the following way: Figure 1 Figure 2 …. or TVTK scene 1 TVTK scene 2 TVTK scene 3 …


>>> import pylab as p
>>> import pyfig as fig
>>> for ix in range(6): f = p.figure(ix)
>>> fig.stack('all')
>>> fig.stack(1,2)
>>> fig.hide(1)
>>> fig.restore(1)
>>> fig.tile()
>>> fig.pile()
>>> fig.maximize(4)
>>> fig.close('all')
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Pyfig-0.1.win32.exe (md5) MS Windows installer any 2008-11-13 69KB (md5) Source 2008-11-13 8KB