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Pykaboo 0.1.5

A python source viewer.

Latest Version: 0.1.6

A convenient command line tool to check python source code from the python standard library and user installed packages.

Running Pykaboo opens a new tab in your browser listing your python standard library modules folder and user installed packages folder. New paths can also be added to this list.

When clicking on a .py file, python syntax is highlighted and lines are numbered.

Typical usage:

$ pykaboo

Pykaboo shows only ‘.py’ files and directories by default. But you can also allow files with other extensions to be viewed:

$ pykaboo allow .css

Or you can add custom directories next to the default links to the standard library modules and user installed packages:

$ pykaboo add ~/Documents/my_python_projects

For a list of commands:

$ pykaboo help


Linux and OS X users

First install pip. Then:

$ pip install pykaboo

Windows users

Use Cygwin or use a Linux distro on a virtual machine.

  • Using Cygwin:

    1. Install Cygwin. During the installation, also mark the bins of Python (under Interpreters) and wget (under Web) for installation.

    2. In the Cygwin terminal run the following commands:

      $ wget
      $ python
      $ easy_install pip
      $ pip install pykaboo

      To use Pykaboo just run the following command in Cygwin:

      $ pykaboo

      In case you get errors, try rebasing Cygwin .

  • Using a virtual machine:

    Here you can find a tutorial to install the Linux distro Ubuntu on the virtual box virtual machine. Once installed see the Linux users section.

Support & bug reports

If you need support or if you spot bugs send a mail to at If you have a github account opening an issue or making a poll request is appreciated in case of bugs.

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