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PythonPi 1.0.2

Get the Value of Pi upto as many decimal places as needed

Get the Value of Pi upto n decimal digits using this Python Script. Uses the chudnovsky algorithm implemented using the Pyton Decimal Data Type.


If you want to use this as a module, then you can use pip or just download the script to your computer from here.

Using pip

pip install PythonPi


Console Usage

Just run the file (if not installed using pip) or enter the following command (if installed using pip):


You can then use the Interactive Shell to do your calculations

API Usage

If you for some reason need the value of pi in your program then you can use the module in the following way:

import PythonPi

print(PythonPi.getValueOfPi(12)) #Upto 12 decimal places


Created By Pradipta Bora (geekpradd) using the Chudnovsky Algorithm. MIT Licensed.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2015-02-27 4KB