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Pythonect 0.6.0

A general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python, written in Python

Pythonect is a new, experimental, general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python. It provides both a visual programming language and a text-based scripting language. The text-based scripting language aims to combine the quick and intuitive feel of shell scripting, with the power of Python. The visual programming language is based on the idea of a diagram with “boxes and arrows”. Crazy? Most definitely. And yet, strangely enough, it works!

Hello, world

Here is the canonical “Hello, world” example program in Pythonect:

"Hello, world" -> print


See the Pythonect documentation for a detailed walkthrough of the language and its features.


There are a few ways to install Pythonect.

  1. You can install directly from PyPI using easy_install or pip:

    easy_install Pythonect


    pip install Pythonect
  2. You can clone the git repository somewhere in your system:

    git clone git://

    Then you should do following steps:

    cd pythonect
    python install

    Alternatively, if you use pip, you can install directly from the git repository:

    pip install \
            git+git:// \

For any of the above methods, if you want to do a system-wide installation, you will have to do this with root permissions (e.g. using su or sudo).

Build Status


Pythonect is available under the BSD 3-Clause License; see LICENSE for details.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Pythonect-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-07-22 663KB