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QProcessing 0.3.2

Visual Physics App to see the math of Nature

Latest Version: 0.3.3

Visual Physics through Analytic Animations

The goal is to make animations based on math in the multimedia Java framework known as Processing, available at

THE BIG PICTURE for Constant Linear Motion
Aristotle had the first idea about constant linear motion: things want to come to rest.

Galileo had a new idea: things actually want to keep in motion unless there is something there to stop them.

Einstein advanced Galileo's view in two ways. First, he noted there is the speed of light limitation. Things can go faster and faster, but if they have mass they can never go as fast as light. Second, constant motion can follow a curved path if spacetime is curved, which is what gravity does.

There are *no pictures* for classical quantum mechanics or relativitic quantum field theory. I think there should be pictures for both of these aspects of our physical world. I hope to bring such images to the web and to phones.  
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