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RMAS-OE-Adapter 0.1.3

A basic framework for building RMAS adapters


This adapter will sit between the [RMAS communication bus] [esb], and the [OpenEthics] [oe] API.

It has one responsibility:

Poll the bus for proposal-created messages, and when one is received, create a new
OpenEthics application form using the OpenEthics API.


This is the example message ([from the RMAS supplier documentation]( that we are targetting:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <message-type>Proposal-created</message-type><!-- RMAS message type -->
        <!-- CERIF payload -->
                <!-- Base project entity -->
                        <cfProjId>urn:rmas:0078:pfact:2.02:UUID</cfProjId> <!-- RMAS identifier -->
                        <cfStartDate>2010-01-01</cfStartDate> <!-- Project start -->
                        <cfEndDate>2012-07-31</cfEndDate> <!-- Project end -->
                        <cfAcro>RMAS</cfAcro> <!-- Project acronym -->
                                cfTrans="o">Research Management and Administration System</cfTitle> <!-- Link entity (denoting project co-ordinator) -->
                                <cfClassId>c31d3380-1cfd-11e1-8bc2-0800200c9a66</cfClassId><!-- Formal euroCRIS UUID for 'Coordinator' -->
                                <cfClassSchemeId>6b2b7d25-3491-11e1-b86c-0800200c9a66</cfClassSchemeId><!-- Formal euroCRIS UUID for 'CERIF1.3-Project-Organisation' -->
                                <cfStartDate>2010-01-01T00:00:00</cfStartDate> <!-- Project start -->
                                <cfEndDate>2012-07-31T00:00:00</cfEndDate> <!-- Project end -->

                        <cfProj_Pers><!-- Link entity (denoting project principal investigator -->
                                <cfClassId>b0e11470-1cfd-11e1-8bc2-0800200c9a66</cfClassId><!-- Formal euroCRIS UUID for 'Principal Investigator' -->
                                <cfClassSchemeId>94fefd50-1d00-11e1-8bc2-0800200c9a66</cfClassSchemeId> <!-- Formal euroCRIS UUID for 'CERIF1.3-Project-Person' -->
                                <cfStartDate>2010-01-01T00:00:00</cfStartDate> <!-- Project start -->
                                <cfEndDate>2012-07-31T00:00:00</cfEndDate> <!-- Project end -->

                <cfOrgUnit><!-- Referenced organisation entity -->
                        <cfName cfLangCode="en_GB" cfTrans="o">University of Exeter</cfName>

                <cfPers> <!-- Referenced person entity -->

You can push this message to the ESB using the utility module:, but make sure that the ESB is running on localhost at port 7789 first:

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