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RODeco 1.0

RODeco a read only function decorator

Latest Version: 1.1

RODeco a read only function decorator

Use Cases

Let's say you're using a python module, and you don't like an inner working.
This module allows you to override any function inside a module, at run-time, as long it is not a builtin.

Afterwards, any call to this function, by anyone (you, or the module itself), will use what you defined.


import os

os.path.basename('./test') # Will output "test"

import RODeco

@RODeco.RODeco(os.path.basename, "_old_basename")
def newbasename(s):
return "~/" + _old_basename(s)

os.path.basename('./test') # Will output "~/test"  
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RODeco-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-02 1KB