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Generate Random Things

I needed a way to generate random text strings for a variety of things. This module was created to fit the bill. You might find it useful as well.


Install this module with the standard pip install randomthings.


This module is a standard python module. Here are some examples of random things you can generate with it.

import random_things

>>> random_things.random_course()
>>> random_things.random_job_title()
'King of Town'
>>> random_things.random_animal()
'Rapid yellow snake'
>>> random_things.random_name()
>>> random_things.random_flower()
{'common_name': 'love-in-a-mist', 'botonical_name': 'nigella', 'meaning': ''}
There are others. Here is the current list:
  • random_animal
  • random_capital
  • random_course
  • random_flower
  • random_highschool_musical
  • random_job_title
  • random_name
  • random_president
  • random_sources
  • random_state
  • random_state_and_capital


Added examples to the README


Added an actual README with content…what a thought.

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