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RestForce 1.0.0

A python API for accessing RESTful resources on the platform.


Rest Force offers a python API for easily working with RESTful resources exposed by the platform. Typical usage often looks like this:


from restforce.login import SalesforceAuthenticationFailedException
from import Resources, RestInvocationException

    r = Resources()
    print'hello', '{ "postData" : "world"}')
    print r.get('hello/1')
    print r.delete('hello/1')
except SalesforceAuthenticationFailedException as e:
    print e
except RestInvocationException as e:
    print e

Salesforce REST Example

Creating a REST resource on the platform is easy. Here’s an example::

global class HelloResource {

    global static String doGet()
        return 'Hello, world!';

    global static String doDelete()
        return 'Good bye, cruel world!';

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RestForce-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-04-10 5KB