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Robin 1.0.1

Robin is a project for fast and easy binding of python and C++ programs.

Robin is an Open-Source project providing quick, hands-free automated bindings
of C++ libraries for Python, and possibly some other scripting languages (such
as Java, Groovy, and Ruby) in the future. This is achieved by creating a minimal
amount of "Glue Code" above the existing routines, along with some "Meta-Data"
which, when combined with a thin run-time mechanism exposes the C++ types as
native types in the target language.

Robin's main ideal is to make bindings as tight as possible, such that usability
will resemble that which the user can produce in the original C++ code; Some
examples of such "sharp edges" are:

* Imitating C++-style implicit conversions
* Coupling STL primitives with the primitives of the target language
* Automatic template instantiation and exposure of template instances
* Allowing user Python code to derive from a C++ interface class and
implement virtual methods