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RunnerPyzza 0.1.1

Baciammo le mane


An easy to use queue system for laboratory networks

The readme is still under construction, hang tight!

Quick how-to

- RunnerPyzza server installation on the main machine
python sdist
sudo pip install dist/RunnerPyzza-X.X.X.tar.gz
sudo RPadduser
sudo RPaddservice
- Cloud setup (edit /etc/runnerpyzza/RPdaemon.conf and check that all the machines are connected through NFS)
sudo service runnerpyzza restart
- Recipe creation (no tool available for now, but you can start from the example file)
- Order your beloved pyzza!
RPlauncher auto YourRecipe.xml
- RPlauncher offers also the opportunity to launch single commands
RPlauncher init YourRecipe.xml
RPlauncher start Margherita_XXXX
RPlauncher status Margherita_XXXX
RPlauncher results Margherita_XXXX
RPlauncher clean Margherita_XXXX
- If something goes wrong you can check the main server log (/etc/runnerpyzza/log/RPdaemon.log  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
RunnerPyzza-0.1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-07 34KB
  • Author: Marco Galardini - Emilio Potenza
  • License: LICENSE.txt
  • Package Index Owner: mgalardini
  • DOAP record: RunnerPyzza-0.1.1.xml