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Surface Plasmon Solver, Impliments several methods to solve surface plasmons, DDA, BEM

Project Goals

There are several program desgined to solve Maxwells Equations for Aribatry Nanoparticles using different Methods and written in differing programing lamguages such as DDSCAT (DDA written in Fortran), NMPBEM (BEM written in Matlab). The Goal of this project is to develop a single uniform tool written in an open easy to use and learn language “Python” that impliments many different methods.

Why Python?

Python is a easy language to learn, most hackers “advanced programs” recomened it as a first language for new programers to learn. Pythons scientfic libaries are similar to Matlab a common language used at universities making it easier for scientists to work with. Finaly Python is a free language aviable for every platform and code will run on any platform as its run by an interpter rather than compiled to native code. Despite this Python is still a fast language for scientfic problems as the problems once defined are solved by native libaries loaded by Python.