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SQLObject 1.3.1

Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.6.0b1dev-r4713

SQLObject is a popular Object Relational Manager for providing an object interface to your database, with tables as classes, rows as instances, and columns as attributes.

SQLObject includes a Python-object-based query language that makes SQL more abstract, and provides substantial database independence for applications.

Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (SAPDB).

For development see the subversion repository

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
SQLObject-1.3.1-py2.4.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.4 2012-05-25 351KB
SQLObject-1.3.1-py2.5.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.5 2012-05-25 347KB
SQLObject-1.3.1-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2012-05-25 346KB
SQLObject-1.3.1-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2012-05-25 345KB
SQLObject-1.3.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-05-25 255KB
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