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Scrambled-Egg 0.4

Encrypt your message with ease

Easily encrypt your messages using AES, ARC2, Blowfish, CAST, DES3 or RSA, then encode the result in a printable form, using Base64, Base32, HEX, Quopri, string escape, UU, XML or Json.

The resulted string can be copied and sent on e-mail as text, or can be saved as XML or UU, or can be transformed into a little PNG image.

For example, the message “look behind the old desk”, crypted with AES, with password “acorn1955” would become:

  • GAYic8DgN23tf/fN6UXUlETNNJENbNyi8tRjpsyVkJs= (in Base64)
  • 18062273c0e0376ded7ff7cde945d49444cd34910d6cdca2f2d463a6cc95909b (in HEX)
  • =18=06"s=C0=E07m=ED=7F=F7=CD=E9E=D4=94D=CD4=91\nl=DC=A2=F2=D4c=A6=CC=95=90=\n=9B (Quopri)
  • \x18\x06"s\xc0\xe07m\xed\x7f\xf7\xcd\xe9E\xd4\x94D\xcd4\x91\rl\xdc\xa2\xf2\xd4c\xa6\xcc\x95\x90\x9b (with string escape)

The password is not stored inside the message. It’s impossible for someone to decrypt the message, unless it knows, or guesses your password.

Example print screen on Windows (Encryption with ZLIB + AES + Base64)

Another example print screen on Windows (Decryption with BZ2 + RSA + Base64)