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Scrappy 0.2.10.beta.11

Rename video files based on information scraped from

Latest Version: 0.3.0.alpha.4


Scrappy provides an intuitive interface for renaming video files based on information scraped from! In short, you can turn something like bsg_301.avi into Battlestar.Galactica.S03.E01.Occupation.

Scrappy provides a command-line app and a GUI app (coming soon), as well as a documented API for integrating scrape-based renaming into 3rd party applications.


pip install Scrappy --user

Note: tests can be run by invoking nosetests -w tests/ from Scrappy’s root directory.


Simple API Call

import scrappy.core as scrappy

# Initialize a scrape
# Series name is automatically inferred
scrape = scrappy.Scrape('its always sunny in philadelphia 101.mkv')

# Query TheTVDB for data and rename
err = .2  # Max error (difference coefficient) to accept result
if scrape.map_episode_info(err):  # Returns false if series not found.  Try increasing err.
  scrape.rename_files(test=True)  # test file rename (no changes committed when test == True)

Advanced API Use

The scrappy API provides options for:

  • Glob pattern matching
  • Selecting from file name formats (and defining custom formatters)
  • Selecting from multiple TVDB query results
  • Fixing errors

Documentation for these functions can be found on the API wiki page.


Manual Scraping

Scrappy also functions as a command-line and GUI application.

To start the interactive GUI application, invoke the script without specifying any files.

Launching Scrappy while passing files will launch the command-line app. When using the command-line app, you are free to either define all of the parameters in the form of command-line arguments, or use settings defined in the configuration file.

The Scrappy application docstring is as follows:

Usage:  scrappy [PATH] ... [options]

-a --auto               Automatically scrape and rename without user interaction.
-p --profile            User-specified profile
-i ID --tvdbid ID       Specify TVDB id
-l LANG --lang LANG     Specify language code [default: en].
--confidence            Lower bound to consider a guessed series name [default: 0.]
--thresh                Threshold for series name matching with TVDB query [default: 0.]
--interactive           Manually select show from TVDB query results.
-t --test               Test run.  Do not modify files.
-c --cfg                Use alternate config file

Full documentation for the command-line application can be found here.


Scrappy wiki

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