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SigmaCommon 0.1.0

Hey man whasup?

Latest Version: 0.1.6

Sup dude? HEre's the tink mon

Towel Stuff provides such and such and so and so. You might find
it most useful for tasks involving <x> and also <y>. Typical usage
often looks like this::

#!/usr/bin/env python

from towelstuff import location
from towelstuff import utils

if utils.has_towel():
print "Your towel is located:", location.where_is_my_towel()

(Note the double-colon and 4-space indent formatting above.)

Paragraphs are separated by blank lines. *Italics*, **bold**,
and ``monospace`` look like this.

A Section

Lists look like this:

* First

* Second. Can be multiple lines
but must be indented properly.

A Sub-Section

Numbered lists look like you'd expect:

1. hi there

2. must be going

Urls are http://like.this and links can be
written `like this <http:"" foo="" bar="">`_.  
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