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Sijax 0.2.7

An easy to use AJAX library based on jQuery.ajax

Package Documentation

Sijax stands for "Simple ajax" and provides just that. It's a simple Python/jQuery library providing easy ajax integration for python web apps.

The main idea is to use javascript code that calls server-side callbacks, which generate a response (manipulating the DOM, etc) and pass it back to the client. This way, you don't need to manually dispatch ajax requests to certain URIs and go over each XML/JSON response manually.

Here's a tiny snippet of code to show what it's capable of doing:

# Function definition in Python
def say_hello_handler(obj_response, hello_from, hello_to):
    obj_response.alert("Hello from %s to %s" % (hello_from, hello_to))
    obj_response.alert("Redirecting you..")

# Expose the above function publicly by the name of "say_hello"
sijax_instance.register_callback("say_hello", say_hello_handler)

//The above function can be called from javascript using
Sijax.request('say_hello', ['John', 'Greg']);
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