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SimpleURL 0.0.6

Werkzeug based routing system for Brubeck - Escape from Regex


SimpleURL is based on Werkzeug routing system for Brubeck.

Why not use regex based routing system?

- Regex is hard.

- Too complicated.

- Easy to make mistake.

Above regex routes seems to be different but not.
Request - `/brubeck` and `/brubeck/1` will match first because
you have failed to place `$` at the end. As a developer you are not supposed
to waste your time writing clever regex and debugging regex.

Why Werkzeug ?

- Simple

- Extensively documented

- Active community

- Fully WSGI compatible

- Various utility functions for dealing with HTTP headers such as
`Accept` and `Cache-Control` headers


The SimpleURL development version can be installed by cloning the git
repository from `github`_::

git clone

.. _github:  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
SimpleURL-0.0.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-18 8KB