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SkuidSphinxTheme 0.4.5

Sphinx Theme for Skuid

This repository contains Skuid’s Sphinx theme.


To install, run the following command and input your bitbucket credentials:

pip install skuidsphinxtheme

If you plan on editing this and want to dynamically update this theme for use in another project, clone this repo down and then run:

pip install -e .


To use in another project, add this project to the file’s install_requires directive:


or add it to the project’s requirements.txt file

Then add in the of your sphinx project:

html_theme = 'skuidsphinx'

# TODO: We'd like this rolled into the theme, hopefully we can remove this later
html_sidebars = {'**': ['localtoc.html']}

Theme Options

To configure the theme for your project, you’ll need to configure the html_theme_options in your project’s file. See the variables section below for a full list of options.

html_theme_options = {
    'logo': 'skuid.png',
    'logo_alt': 'Skuid Documentation',


  • logo: Relative path (from $PROJECT/_static/) to a logo image, which will appear in the upper left corner above the name of the project.

    • See the note below about image paths.
  • logo_alt: The alt text for the logo

  • visit_link: The link for the visit button in the footer

  • visit_link_text: The text for the visit button in the footer

  • copyright_year: The year for the copyright.

    • To make things easier, add the following to your

      # At the top
      from datetime import datetime
      # in the ``html_theme_options``
      html_theme_options = {
          'copyright_year': datetime.utcnow().year
  • analytics_id: Set to your Google Analytics ID (e.g. UA-#######-##) to enable tracking.


If you’re using a custom logo, you’ll also want to tell Sphinx where to get your images from. If so, add a line like this (changing the path if necessary; see the Sphinx docs for ‘html_static_path’):

html_static_path = ['_static']


  • Document all configurable html_theme options (from the theme.conf)

  • Figure out how to make html_sidebars option default for projects using this theme

  • Clean up search results page

    • Add search box
    • Add some padding on the left of results
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