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Solution 3.0.10

An amazing form solution


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An amazing form solution

* BSD License. See ``LICENSE`` for more details.
* Documentation:


* Return validated data as dictionaries or create/update a linked model and child models.
* Sub-forms and form sets
* Extremely flexible in the field representation (defaulting to an HTML representation that might be good enough).
* Easy individual field or form-wide validators.
* Customizable cleanup functions.

.. :changelog:



* Selects (and MultiSelects) can take groups of items and render them as ``<optgroup>`` or ``<fieldset>``.

* The ``clean`` and `vprepare`` methods of a field can now be defined as a form method with the signature ``clean_fieldname(py_value, **kwargs)`` and ``prepare_fieldname(obj_value, **kwargs)``.

* Added ``prepare`` and ``clean`` methods to the form so a user can overwrite them to store there the logic of pre and post-processing the data, keeping that logic in the form itself instead of in a view.

* Several bugfixes  
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