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SpammCan 0.2b

A simple pastbin built on TurboGears and Pygments.

General Information

SpammCan is yet another pastbin web application. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by the following features:

  • Has syntax highlighting support for over 100 languages thanks to the use of Pygments.

  • Is easy to install thanks to setuptools.

  • Uses large, random GUIDs for paste entries in its URLs instead of sequential paste numbers to discourage spammers.

    Also detects and rejects spamming attempts with the help of a SpamBayes filter.

  • Is built on TurboGears 1.1, Genshi, and SQLAlchemy.

  • Uses a SQLite database by default, but can use any database system supported by SQLAlchemy and TurboGears.

Getting the Code

You can run your own SpammCan server! For more information, downloads, and source code, visit the project home page at

You can also install SpammCan via its Python Package Index (aka Cheeseshop) entry:

$ [sudo] easy_install SpammCan

Finally, if you want the latest development code for SpammCan, you can check it out from the Subversion repository:

$ svn co svn:// SpammCan
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
SpammCan-0.2b.tar.bz2 (md5) Source 2015-10-09 133KB