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SudokuStudyLib 1.0.7

Sudoku Solving Library

Sudoku Solving Library

For the purpose of studying solving Sudoku and learning python programming, including traditional method and oop.

  1. Traditional method: matrix
  2. oop method: sudoku

Sudoku is a kind of puzzle game. It is one of the best way to learn logic, and at the same time, the Python language is one of the best computer language to learn logic. So, if we can combine these two kinds of tools to teach children or young men to learn logic, it will be perfect. This is why the project be done and going to.

There are so many sudoku’s puzzle games and studying in the world. Some are made for fun, some are for the studying of mathematics, while this library focus on logic learning. And the logic mainly is in human view, not in computer science view. So, there are some features in this package:

  1. This is mainly for studying logic for human.
  2. It is NOT to plan to be a normal programming courses.
  3. It is NOT to plan to be a studying of serious mathematics.
  4. The methods of solving a sudoku are mainly in a human view, NOT in computer science view.
  5. Let people to find their own methods to solve a sudoku, and name these methods in their own way. (This is not in this package, but should be arranged this in the courses.)
  6. Let people learning python to implement their own methods.
  7. Studying OOP programming to solve a sudoku. OOP method can be treated as human behavior.

You can read document at

1.0 (2014.5.12)

  1. Add Complete document

0.7 (2014.5.5)

  1. Add a class, Status, to store all sudoku’s global variables
  2. Add a function, init(), to init the Status’s variables
  3. Change all code that using global variable to use[“[var]”]

0.6 (2014.5.2)

  1. Fixed some source
  2. Add the data path

0.5 (2014.4.27)

  1. First formal publish

0.0 (2014.4.27)

  1. Initial version
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