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SwampDragon-fileupload 0.1.2

File upload handler for SwampDragon

SwampDragon fileupload

File upload handler for SwampDragon

# Installation
```pip install swampdragon-fileupload```

Add ```swampdragon_upload``` to ```INSTALLED_APPS```

# Usage

Create a router and extend ```FileUploadHandler```

class FileUpload(FileUploadHandler):
route_name = '_sdfileupload'

In the above example, the route is set to _sdfileupload.

File post requests should be done to ```window.swampDragon.url + '/_sdfileupload/'```

The data returned by the post request will fit the file deserializer.

To enable Origin header check, set ```origin_check = True```

class FileUpload(FileUploadHandler):
route_name = '_sdfileupload'
origin_check = True

# Notes

If you are using NGINX and have ```origin_check = True``` you need to set ```proxy_set_header Host $http_host;```
in your NGINX config:

server {
location / {
proxy_set_header Host $http_host;
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