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SwampDragon is a powerful platform making it easy to build real time web applications, combining the power of Django and Tornado

Latest Version:



Build real-time web applications with Django.


* Real-time data
* Self publishing model
* Make use of the wonderful features of Django
* Serializers handling Django models
* Customisable field serializers
* Routers that are easy to understand
* Angular JS support
* Query style data subscriptions
* Easy to implement in existing Django projects

SwampDragon makes use of Djangos wonderful ORM, Tornados excellent websocket support (with fallback. Tested in IE7), and
Redis blazing speed.

## Installation

pip install swampdragon

## Quickstart

See [documentation]( and example projects in this repository.

[Tutorial]( available here.

# Documentation

See [Documentation]( here

# Changelog

## 0.3.5

```python socketserver``` has been removed, use ```python``` both for development and deployment.

Multiple connections are now possible:

('swampdragon.connections.sockjs_connection.DjangoSubscriberConnection', '/data'),
('myproject.connections.CustomConnection', '/myendpoint'),

A lot of changes has been made to the JavaScript libraries to work with multiple connections and be more 'endpoint specific'.

### JavaScript changes

The old ```dataService``` will be removed.

#### AngularJS
With multiple endpoint support, the AngularJS service changes.

```dataService``` is renamed to ```$dragon```

and all calls requires the endpoint. So ```dataService.getList``` becomes ```$```
(where **data** is the name of the endpoint).

Previously $rootScope was used to broadcast when the connection was ready, however with multiple connections
possible this now changes to ```$dragon.[endpoint].onReady```

$ {

The same goes for ```onChannelMessage```.

// Previously
$scope.$on('handleChannelMessage', function(e, channels, message) { ... });

// Now
$, message) { ... });

#### JavaScript settings

Settings needs to be included in the template

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:9999/settings.js"></script>

(remember to change localhost to your server url / domain name)  
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