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TGScheduler 1.7.0

Pure Python Scheduler


This is a pure Python scheduler that can be used in any application. Tasks can be run in-process (within threads), forked (as new processes) or synchronously into the code.

The scheduler makes it easy to have one-time or recurring tasks run as needed.


The documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs.


This package is based on the TurboGears 1 built-in scheduler, which is based on Kronos by Irmen de Jong.


The many contributors to the initial TGScheduler 1.6.3:

  • Irmen de Jong
  • Vince Spicer
  • Christoph Zwerschke
  • Many more lost in the TurboGears commit history…

In the version ported to a mercurial repository on 2015-05-15:


1.7.0 Initial import + Python 3 (2015-05-15)

  • Support Python 3; require “six”.

1.6.3 (2011-12-01)

  • Last release before the import.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
TGScheduler-1.7.0-py2-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2015-05-18 15KB
TGScheduler-1.7.0-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2015-05-18 30KB
TGScheduler-1.7.0-py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 3.4 2015-05-18 15KB
TGScheduler-1.7.0-py3.4.egg (md5) Python Egg 3.4 2015-05-18 31KB
TGScheduler-1.7.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-05-18 19KB (md5) Source 2015-05-18 24KB