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TecUtils 0.4.0

Various utilities for database and config files use. Text to Pdf converter


tecutils provides various utilities to accelerate development
of programs design to use MySQL as a database and substitute
the use of global variables.
Also includes a standalone module to tranform a text file to pdf.

tecutils contains the following modules:

- mydb
- envvar
- simplecrypt
- txt2pdf


    mysql-python (sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb)

    There are three functions that take care the database interaction:

    - GetRecordset(sHost,sUser,sPwd,sDB,sSQL)
    - GetData(sHost,sUser,sPwd,sDB,sSQL)
    - ExecuteSQL(sHost,sUser,sPwd,sDB,sSQL)::

    from tecutils.mydb import ExecuteSQL, GetData, GetRecordset

    myHost = "localhost"
    myUser = "root"
    myPwd = "password"
    myDB = "test"

    ExecuteSQL(myHost, myUser, myPwd, myDB, "INSERT INTO animal (name, category) VALUES " + \
      ('snake', 'reptile'), ('frog', 'amphibian'), ('tuna', 'fish'), ('racoon', 'mammal'),
      ('lizard', 'reptile')")

    sql="SELECT name FROM animal WHERE category='reptile'"
    GetRecordset(myHost, myUser, myPwd, myDB,sql)

    sql="SELECT name FROM animal WHERE category='%s'" % thistype
    GetData(myHost, myUser, myPwd, myDB,sql)


    Reads a file containing <var>=<value> and loads in a container, so you can use container.var



    from tecutils import getVarFromFile
    db = getVarFromFile('config/db.cfg','db')


If use the two modules provides a way to use a configuration file to access de database::

    # this is the config file:
    # db.cfg
    HOST = 'localhost'
    USER = 'root'
    PWD = 'password'
    DB = 'test'

and use it in a program::

    from tecutils.envvar import getVarFromFile
    from tecutils.mydb import GetRecordset


    data = GetRecordset(db.HOST,db.USER,db.PWD,db.DB,"SELECT * FROM animal")
    for animal in data:
        print animal[0]


Many thanks to the Dabo team: Ed Leafe and Paul McNett (
for this simple utility to "obscure" passwords so casual browsing on the database
connection info doesn't show the real one.


    from tecutils.simplecrypt import simplecrypt
    pwd = 'foobar'
    crypt = SimpleCrypt()
    pwd = crypt.encrypt(pwd)

or using the example from envvars::

    crypt = SimpleCrypt()
    db.PWD = crypt.decrypt(db.PWD)


requires reportlab and pyPDF for normal use
for windows printing requires win32api or ghostscript and ghostview

Usage: [options] text_file
The name of the outfile is the name on the text_file with pdf extension.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c COPIES, --copies=COPIES
                        number of copies, only valid with -p option
  -g                    print through ghostprint, only valid with -w option
  -m                    use half letter as size of output, default letter
  --output=OUTPUT       use specific output file name
  -p, --print           print file after converting
  --printer=PRINTER     printer to send file, default: send to default printer
  -w                    use win32api to send file to print, only valid with -p
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TecUtils-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-08-16 7KB
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