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TermFeed 0.0.11

Browse, read, and open your favorite rss feed in the terminal (without curses).


If 1) you are a terminal addict, and 2) you want to stay up to date with the outside world by reading quick feed and summaries WITHOUT having to leave your terminal; then TermFeed is for you. These are the main reasons I created TermFeed.


$ pip install TermFeed

Change log:

(v. 0.0.11)

  • Fix: clean description text from html tags .
  • Fix: catch KeyboardInterrupt, when not choosing topic (e.g. CTRL-C).
  • Fix: verify a valid link before listing its source and index number.

(v. 0.0.9)

  • Bug: Fix crash when feed’s description is not available.

(v. 0.0.8)

  • Add new option to remove entire category from your library.
  • Fix #1.

(v. 0.0.7)

  • Merge listing URLs and TOPICS under same argument.
  • Add option to re-build library from command line.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
TermFeed-0.0.11.tgz (md5) Source 2015-10-16 279KB