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TestLink-API-Python-client 0.6.4

Python XML-RPC client for TestLink 1.9.16

TestLink-API-Python-client is a Python XML-RPC client for TestLink.

Initially based on James Stock testlink-api-python-client R7 and Olivier Renault JinFeng idea - an interaction of TestLink, Robot Framework and Jenkins.

TestLink-API-Python-client delivers two main classes

  • TestlinkAPIGeneric - Implements the TestLink API methods as generic PY methods with error handling
  • TestlinkAPIClient - Inherits from TestlinkAPIGeneric and defines service methods like “copyTCnewVersion”.

and the helper class

  • TestLinkHelper - search connection parameter from environment variables and command line arguments

How to talk with TestLink in a python shell and copy a test case:

set TESTLINK_API_PYTHON_SERVER_URL=http://[YOURSERVER]/testlink/lib/api/xmlrpc/v1/xmlrpc.php
set TESTLINK_API_PYTHON_DEVKEY=[Users devKey generated by TestLink]
>>> import testlink
>>> tls = testlink.TestLinkHelper().connect(testlink.TestlinkAPIClient)
>>> tls.countProjects()
>>> tc_info = tls.getTestCase(None, testcaseexternalid='NPROAPI-3')
[{'full_tc_external_id': 'NPROAPI-3', ..., 'id': '5440',  'version': '2',
  'testsuite_id': '5415', 'tc_external_id': '3','testcase_id': '5425', ...}]
>>> tls.copyTCnewTestCase(tc_info[0]['testcase_id'], testsuiteid=newSuiteID,
                                         testcasename='a new test case name')
>>> print tls.whatArgs('createTestPlan')
createTestPlan(<testplanname>, <testprojectname>, [note=<note>], [active=<active>],
               [public=<public>], [devKey=<devKey>])
  create a test plan

More information about this library can be found on the Wiki

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