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TestManager 1.8.1

Test management plugin for Trac

Latest Version: 1.9.1

A Trac plugin to create Test Cases, organize them in catalogs, generate Test Plans and track their execution status and outcome.

Check out the Video tutorial on YouTube:

Now supporting:
  • Test statistics charts

  • Multiple test plans

  • Customizable test outcomes

  • Customizable workflows and workflow actions

  • Custom properties in all test objects

  • Tree and tabular views

  • Import and export from/to Excel

  • Open and link Trac tickets from failed test cases

  • Internationalization

  • Programmatic APIs:
    • XML-RPC
    • HTTP RESTful
    • Python

Differently from other test management plugins for Trac that use Tickets as test case holders, this one uses Wiki pages and an additional proprietary data model to store Test Cases. This allows you to not pollute your ticket lists with something that is not a ticket, and at the same time is powered by the Trac search engine and formatting syntax for Wiki pages.

A set of plugins intercept requests for Wiki pages that are test cases and decorate the page with title, breadcrumbs, tree view, type-ahead search inside the catalogs, test case status semaphore and icons and buttons that allow you to create new test cases, sub-catalogs, copy and paste test cases around different catalogs and change a test case status.

The project’s home page:

Take a look at the screenshots to get n idea:

Currently tested on Trac 0.12 and 1.x, and Python 2.6 and 2.7.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
testmanager.1.8.1-Py_2.7-Trac_0.12-1.0.tar.gz (md5)
Egg files for Python 2.7 and Trac 0.12-1.x
Python Egg 2.7 2014-01-05 1MB
testmanager.1.8.1.src.tar.gz (md5)
Source code for Trac 0.12-1.x
Source 2014-01-05 1MB