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Things 0.3

A vector animation API using Python, Cairo and Inkscape SVG files. Create quick animations by containment, keyframe tweening and other simple Things.

Latest Version: 0.4

"Things inside other things, doing things with stuff." is the basic recipe :)

- Each thing has a timeline and a variety of ways to draw py-cairo graphics.
- Each Thing can contain other things, and so-on down.
- Things can be tweened around keys like size, rotation and alpha.
- Special Things are available to detect hits, follow paths, perform clipping
and more.

Inkscape is the 'extended' IDE for this API: You can draw all your vector
graphics there and pull them out into Things via Python. You can draw individual
'sprites' or multiple 'loops' or paths and masks.

There is a (primitive) event system which deals with mouse events. I could do
with some help making it better and including the keyboard.

My hope is that someone (with a brain, better than mine :) ) will take this API
and turn it into a fast C/C++ library.

If this happened, we could focus on building an actual IDE to draw SVG, code
Python and layout keys all on a visual time line. It would be a really neat
animation system for GNU/Linux (and other platforms).

The code is available on CVS at:
cvs co things

My personal wiki page for the project is:
<http:"" wiki="" software="" things=""/>