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Tornado-JSON 1.3.2

A simple JSON API framework based on Tornado

# Tornado-JSON

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## Overview

Tornado-JSON is a small extension of [Tornado]( with the intent of providing the tools necessary to get a JSON API up and running quickly.

Some of the key features the included modules provide:

* Input and output **[JSON Schema]( validation** by decorating RequestHandlers with `@schema.validate`
* **Automated route generation** with `routes.get_routes(package)`
* **Automated [GFM]( API documentation** using schemas and provided descriptions
* **Standardized JSON output** using the **[JSend](** specification

## Usage

Check out the [Hello World demo]( for a quick example and the [accompanying walkthrough]( in the documentation. And then [**explore Tornado-JSON on readthedocs for the rest!**](

import tornado.ioloop
from tornado_json.routes import get_routes
from tornado_json.application import Application

import mywebapp

# Automatically generate routes for your webapp
routes = get_routes(mywebapp)
# Create and start application
application = Application(routes=routes, settings={})

### Example Projects That Use Tornado-JSON


## Installation

* For the possibly stable

pip install Tornado-JSON

* For the latest and greatest

git clone
cd Tornado-JSON
python develop

## Contributing

If there is something you would like to see improved, you would be awesome for [opening an issue about it]( and I'll promise my best to take a look.

Pull requests are absolutely welcome as well!

## License

This project is licensed under the MIT License.

## Running Tests

sudo pip2 install tox
sudo pip3 install tox
tox # Will run test matrix
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