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Tornado-JSON 0.40

A simple JSON API framework based on Tornado

Latest Version: 1.3.2



Tornado-JSON is a small extension of Tornado with the intent of providing the tools necessary to get a JSON API up and running quickly.

Some of the key features the included modules provide:

  • Input and output `JSON Schema <>`__ validation by decorating RequestHandlers with @schema.validate
  • Automated route generation with routes.get_routes(package)
  • Automated `GFM <>`__-formatted API documentation using schemas and provided descriptions
  • Standardized JSON output using the `JSend <>`__ specification

Getting Started/FAQ

How do I use this thing?

Okay, but how do I install it?

  • For the possibly stable
pip install Tornado-JSON
  • For the latest and greatest
git clone
cd Tornado-JSON
sudo python install

Neat, but “x“ sucks, “y“ is ugly, and “z“ could be better.

You completely changed the interface in a recent update; what gives?

  • But newer is so much better! Seriously though, Tornado-JSON is, at the moment, still very much a work in progress. Updates will be made that will break the existing interface (and replace it with a shiny, new, much better one). All in the name of making it better! (And progress etc.)


Python2.7 and Python3.3 are supported.

These dependencies can be satisfied by running pip install -r requirements.txt

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Tornado-JSON-0.40.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-09 10KB