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TurboGears2Frozen 2.2.0

Reference this rather than Turbogears2 as a dependency to get a consistent install with your TG2 project

About TurboGears2Frozen
This is a Turbogears meta package that lists the exact packages and versions that common
Turbogears installs need to run.

We list the packages here so you can make a standard without messing around with pip
freeze, or performing a non standard install using the Turbogears Repository.

Use this package if
Have you ever wanted to deploy a python package with Turbogears as a dependency but
are worried what will be installed with the single tg.devtools/Turbogears2 dependency?

Have you ever installed Turbogears on your dev machine then come to install your package
that depends on Turbogears on a prod machine only to find that one of the packages
Turbogears depends on has changed, breaking your prod install?

Do you want to tell your users to just pip install <your package=""> that relies on Turbogears, rather
that having to tell them to run a custom command first to install Turbogears from the TG Repo.

Do you want to use the command::

pip install --upgrade Turbogears2Frozen

to get the latest Turbogears

TG2Frozen has all the standard dependancies apart from MYSQL-python (as you may be using a different DB) and it
does not contain a specific sqlalchemy version, as there are backward compatibility issues and you may want to
use a particular version.

Your application's **** might look like::

import setuptools
from distutils.core import setup

from sys import version
from setuptools import find_packages

description='My package that uses Turbogears2 but doesn't have loads of dependencies listed',
author='Joe Bloggs',

This package works for my stuff, but I expect it will not for everyone so please email me if you feel
that other packages should be included.

I'll update this package as I need the updates, if you need something sooner give me a mail.

I'm going to keep the numbering the same as the underlying TG package, may be increment it by a fourth
number if a TG dependency needs updating.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
TurboGears2Frozen-2.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-08-29 1KB