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WB 7.1

A CGI program to manage 'Billboards' where documents can beposted (and edited and removed) through a simple WEB interface.

WB, the Web Billboard is a CGI program which can be used to manage “billboards”, i.e.: pages where documents can be posted (and edited, and removed) in a simple way, without the need to know HTML or how to manage a web site. In this respect it may be considered a very simple form of Content Management System which, in turn, is very simple to install and configure.

Look for documentation in:

  • about.html: a brief review of WB functionalities.

  • installation.html: step-by-step installation procedure.

  • config.html: directions on how to create your own document repositories.

  • usage.html: a short description on how to use WB (i.e.: how to add and modify

    documents to your repository).

  • copyright.html: copyright note and disclaimer.

  • wbfaq.html: questions and answers (very short, for the moment).

If you find WB useful send me a note at:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
WB-7.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-01-02 166KB