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WFront 0.4

A WSGI front-door dispatcher.

A WSGI front-door dispatcher, virtual host router and environ manipulation swiss-army knife.

WFront is a top-level request dispatcher, directing requests based on the requested “Virtual Host”, listening port, URL path, or any combination.

WFront can be used to:

  • host multiple WSGI-powered domains in a single process
  • emulate a mod_proxy, SCGI/FastCGI/AJP, mod_wsgi, or mod_python WSGI setup under a simple development mode WSGI server,
  • simplify development and testing of complex, multi-server cluster environments
  • or just perform simple path-based request dispatching

Mapping HTTP/1.0 requests to HTTP/1.1 Host:-style requests is supported and is very flexible. WFront includes an environ manipulation toolkit that allows for additions to and transformations of server-provided environ data to be performed on each request.

The development version of WFront can be installed via easy_install WFront==dev or from the mercurial repository.

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