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WWScraper 0.21

WeightWatchers eTools Site Scraper


WWScraper is a module designed to scrape the mobile WeightWatchers website.

The following functionality is supported:
Getting current PointsTracker data for any date
Searching the WW Database for foods
Quick Adding foods to the current day's tracker
Adding foods from the WW Database to the current day's tracker.

Note: Food adds from the database only support their default unit of measure.

This module is in no way affiliated with WeightWatchers International, and is
not guaranteed to continue to work in the event of changes to their mobile site.
It requires you have a valid, paid eTools account in order to access this data.

I designed this module as I was not happy with the WW website requiring me to
load up a bulky flash app just to search for foods, and the mobile interface
is quite clumsy even in a full blown browser. Being a nerd who spend a lot
of time at the command line, I wanted a way to push points up to the site
without having to fire up a browser.


Basic Usage

from WWScraper import WWScrape

# Instantiate the object, and connect
ww_site = WWScrape()

# Quick add a food

# Do a food search
potato_data = ww_site.food_search('potato')

# Display our results (provided in tuples)
for result in potato_data:
print "Name: %s, ID: %s, Serving: %s, Points: %s" % result

# Add a food (assuming food_id has the id returned from a search)

# Add a food, but we ate twice the default amount listed

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
WWScraper-0.21.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-08 5KB