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WebGrid 0.1.18

A library for rendering HTML tables and Excel files from SQLAlchemy models.


WebGrid is a datagrid library for Flask and other Python web frameworks designed to work with SQLAlchemy ORM entities.

Based on the configured grid, it will output an HTML table with sorting, filtering, and paging.

It also will export the grid to Excel.

For now, if you are interested in using it, you will need to see the source code and tests therein for example usage.

Questions & Comments

Please visit:

Current Status

Currently beta quality.


0.1.18 released 2015-12-11

  • fix bugs related to default operations using no-input date filters

0.1.17 released 2015-12-04

  • add YesNoFilter and OptionsIntFilterBase helper
  • fix compatibility with SQLAlchemy 1.0.9 for tests to pass
  • add additional DateFilter operators

0.1.16 released 2015-10-15

  • fixed problem with possible date/datetime filter overflows

0.1.15 released 2015-07-02

  • add time column and filter

0.1.14 released 2015-05-11

  • fix problem where empty strings passed to set as a non-required value 2 causes validation error

0.1.13 released 2015-02-12

  • attempt to use column label for subtotaling if no SA expression is provided
  • allow callers to specify default arguments to filters

0.1.12 released 2014-11-18

  • allow filters to set additional html attributes on their table rows

0.1.11 released 2014-10-09

  • fixed setup to include only webgrid in install, without the test apps

0.1.10 released 2014-10-02

  • bug fix: hide_controls_box grid attribute used in rendering

0.1.9 released 2014-09-22

  • bug fix: corrected default_op processing on TextFilter

0.1.8 released 2014-09-22

  • enable default_op processing for all filter types

0.1.7 released 2014-09-18

  • BC break: replaced MultiSelect widget with multipleSelect plugin. Related JS and CSS must be included (available in webgrid static)
  • included missing images referenced by webgrid CSS

0.1.6 released 2014-08-22

  • updated filter tests to work with SA0.9
  • refactoring related to subtotaling feature
  • adjustments for SQLAlchemy 0.9+ (we now support 0.8+)
  • workaround for dateutils parsing bug
  • testing fixes
  • completed dev requirements list
  • fixed nose plugin bug, must not assume pathname case consistency (Windows)
  • added BlazeWeb adapter
  • xls_as_response now an adapter method, called by XLS renderer
  • render_template now an optional adapter method, falls back to Jinja2 call

0.1.5 released 2014-05-20

  • fix nose plugin setup to avoid warning message
  • fix javascript bug related to sorting & newer jQuery libraries
  • fix SA expression test to avoid boolean ambiguity
  • avoid accidental unicode to text conversion in filters

0.1.4 released 2014-05-18

  • fix string/unicode handling to avoid coercion of unicode to ascii

0.1.3 released 2014-05-18

  • adjust the way the Flask blueprint is created and registered
  • adjust route on blueprint so it has /static/… prefix for URL

0.1.0 - 0.1.2 released 2014-05-17

  • initial release
  • fix packaging issues (0.1.1)
  • adjust init so xlwt not required if not used
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