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Webster 0.3.dev7.g622a542

Webster is a self validating dict object for python.

Latest Version: 0.5.2


Webster is a self validating dict object for python.

It expands upon dict's capability by allowing you to pass in a validation
dict object with either types or regular expression values.

Then you can use it for validation by using it as a condition or get
back a detailed error response.

import Webster

# create a schema
schema = {'amount': '([+-]?\\d*\\.\\d+)(?![-+0-9\\.])',
'credit_card': {
'number': '((?:(?:\\d{4}[- ]){3}\\d{4}|\\d{16}))(?![\\d])',
'expiration_date': '((?:(?:0[1-9])|(?:1[0-2]))\\/(?:\\d{2}))(?![\\d])'}

# create the object and pass the schema into the init
im_a_dict = Webster(schema)

# add your values
im_a_dict['amount'] = '1.00'
im_a_dict['credit_card'] = {}
im_a_dict['credit_card']['number'] = '4111111111111111'
im_a_dict['credit_card']['expiration_date'] = '05/12'

# lets see if we are valid or not
print im_a_dict.is_valid()  
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