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WestFax 0.1.2

Python wrapper for the WestFax API

A Python implementation of the WestFax API (

Usage requires a WestFax account.


wf = new westfax.WestFax( username, password, product )
wf.set_header('This is a fax')
wf.set_job_name('My fax job')
wf.set_content("Yah! I'm a fax message!")

except westfax.FaxFail:
        print "Failed to send"


add_number( number )

Adds a number to the send the fax to. Mulitple numbers can be added. send() will raise westfax.NoRecipients if no valid numbers are found.

set_billing_code( billing_code )

Sets an optional billing code to track billing for the message in the WestFax dashboard

set_job_name( name )

Sets an optional job name to identify the message in the WestFax dashboard

set_header( header )

Sets the top header on the fax. (Sent with the fax. Often a company name or subject message)

set_content( content )

Text or HTML content of the message. send() will raise westfax.MissingFaxContent if no content was added to the message.


Send the message to all recipients. If WestFax returns anything other than a 200 status then send() will raise westfax.FaxFail


All exceptions are raised on send()


Raised when no numbers were added.


Raised when no content was added to the fax message


Raised when the WestFax API returns anything other than a 200 status. The error message is returned as the exception message.


  • verify phone number validity on add_number()
  • Parse the error message from WestFax to raise more useful exceptions



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