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WikklyText 1.6.0

WikklyText is Python-based wiki compatible with TiddlyWiki

WikklyText is a Python-based wiki and modular library for creating custom wikitext rendering applications.


  • It provides a lightweight, portable, extensible wiki language, compatible with TiddlyWiki
  • It is easily used as a WikiOnAStick for keeping a personal wiki.
  • It can be used BehindApache to serve a multiuser wiki.
  • It can be plugged into Drupal allowing you to write in WikklyText markup on your existing Drupal site.
  • It provides “Safe” and “Full” modes: In “Safe” mode, the user is restricted to only calling safe macros, no HTML injection is possible, and the generated text is filtered to preclude XSS issues. In a server setting (e.g. Drupal or Apache) this allows untrusted users to write WikklyText content without endangering system security.
  • It is extensible, allowing both embedded Python code in wikitexts as well as providing an easy to use plugin API.
  • It is a modular Python library that you can use to build your own wikitext rendering applications. You can render to both XHTML and XML for flexibility.