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XeroAPI 0.0.6

Python client API for private XERO applications.

Xero API provides a client authentication module and some of the XERO API Resources for your Private Application to entegrate with XERO accounting system. Typical usage often looks like this:

from xeroapi.client import Client
from xeroapi.resources import XOrganization

PATH_TO_YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY = "/path/to/your/private_key.pem"

print "Your organization name in XERO is: ", XOrganization.get(xero_client)

Please refer to API Overview to start.


Includes the authentication and information exhange methods.

  • uses oauth2 for authorization.
  • signs all API calls using your private key with the RSA-SHA1 signature method.
  • includes get/put/post methods which converts xml data to python dictionaries.

Please refer to the Atuhentication with the XERO API <> section for details.


Defines the X based classes for the following XERO resources:

  • Accounts
  • Organizations
  • AccountTypes
  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Items
  • BrandingThemes
  • TaxRates

Adding new resources is easy. Plese refer to the Xero Developer API <> for the whole list of resources.


The Beesdom Team:

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